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New Search Tool Available

We have a new search tool on the front page that allows all products from all categories to be queried with all of its properties.

How does this tool really work? Let me introduce the process how to operate it.

Find a Product by Its Part Number

Let’s say that you are looking for a product and you know parts of the part number, or the whole part number. Say, we are looking for a USB Type-C, and we know the first four characters of the part number: 2UB1.

Once we arrive to the front page of the Singatron USA website (https://singatron.com) in the middle part of the page, you have a green search box.

Part of the front page of singatron.com. Red color highlights the Search Tool.

When you type in the first few characters of the part number (2UB1), you can find the first 27 products from all the product categories. For example, when you type in 2UB1, it gives you 27 results from USB Type-C, and also the first 27 products from the USB product category.

Say, that we can remember now the full part number of our desired product: 2UB1734-C00111F. Once you have typed in the full part number, you will find your exact product, and clicking on the title below the Search Bar (in the Search Results section) will redirect you to the product’s individual page: 2UB1734-C00111F.

Results section of the Search Tool with the found Part Number.

Find a Product by Its Keyword

Let’s say we are looking for mid-mount mounting type USB Type-C products. We can simply type that keyword (in this case mid-mount) into the Search Tool. The Search Tool will give you the first 27 results from USB Type-C, and also the first 27 products from the USB product category.

All properties of all product types can be found like this in our database!

Happy browsing! 🙂